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Free training dealing with unwanted behavior & aggression (South District)

Datum: 12 juni 2024

Tijd: 09:00 - 12:30

Locatie: De Roos, PC Hooftstraat 183, 'Vondelzaal' Amsterdam


To whom it applies
The training is designed for  entrepreneurs and employees working in ‘South District’. There is room for 12 people.

Training content
Unfortunately, in the retail industry you may encounter resistance and aggressive behaviour from customers. For example, customers who make demands, or who do not follow instructions from your staff. In this training you and your employees learn how to react adequately in these kinds of unpleasant situations. In this way, you build up your self-confidence and mental resilience.

At the end of the training you will be able to:
Explain in general terms how our fear system works;
Recognise and manage your own fear;
Recognise and reduce aggressive behaviour;
Communicate verbally and non-verbally under pressure.

Required data for certification
Since the training is officially certified, we need everyone’s first and last name, company name and date of birth for the certificate.

Costs & payment
There are no costs for the training connected. If you have signed up, we count on your presence. If you are unable to attend, we kindly request you to inform us in two working days in advance to Thanks for your cooperation.

The ‘Aggression and violence’ training is created in collaboration with Municipality of Amsterdam, South District,BIZ Museum Quarter, BIZ de Pijp and BIZ Hoofddorppleinbuurt.

If you have any questions, please send an email to